Since 1984, Arbo Valdma has given more than 120 Masterclasses around the world in cities such as Moscow, Rome, Thessaloniki, Athens, Calgary, Tokyo, Montepulciano, Ohrid, Subotica, Belgrade, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Ljubljana, Kaushiung, Dubrovnik, Bad Sobernheim, Cologne, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Sendai, etc. Each year he gives Masterclasses in Tallin, Heidelberg, Chateau Podsreda (Slovenia) and at Haus Marteau (Bayreuth). In 2000, he was invited to teach a Masterclass at London’s Guildhall School of Music.

Arbo Valdma is a founding member of EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) Yugoslavia (in 1988), Honorary President of EPTA Serbia and an Honorary Member of EPTA Estonia. In 1991, the Estonian Academy of Music awarded him the prize of Doctor honoris causa. His students have won numerous prizes at the most prestigious international piano competitions: Brussels (Queen Elisabeth), Vienna (Beethoven), Vevey (Clara Haskil), Cologne (F. Chopin), Epinal, Geneva, Lausanne, Leeds, Munich, Sydney, Vercelli, Washington and others).

Arbo Valdma has produced numerous television and radio programmes, as both writer and director, in which his students are playing music in something of an extraordinary manner. The lectures given by Arbo Valdma as part of international symposiums, as well as his published articles on piano pedagogy, have received worldwide acclaim.

Arbo Valdma is considered to be one of the greatest piano teachers and pedagogues in the world today.

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